Ponce Cellars, now closer to the fountain of youth

Handcrafted Estate wines from hand picked grapes.

Hearty Barrel-Aged Chambourcin and Norton wines

Sangria Calata, for the heart and the palate

Monte Alegre is the only vineyard and winery within the city of Carbondale, in Southern Illinois. Come stroll down Carbondale Trail and taste the wines grown in this beautiful region of the heartland.

Monte Alegre Vineyard and Ponce Cellars offer spectacular vineyard views and prime red and white wines that have made Southern Illinois a favorite tourist destination for wine lovers and their families throughout the Midwest. You can also degustate red Ports and Sangrias, all in a single stop.

Southern Illinois residents and tourists alike flock to this wine trail to get immersed in the beauty of growing, bottling, and degustating wine. Monte Alegre Vineyard and Ponce Cellars form the perfect stop in Southern Illinois for learning how to cultivate grapes for white and red wine, touring the wine cellars, degustating wines.

Come visit the Ponce Wine Trail and Monte Alegre Vineyard and Cellars in Carbondale, Southern Illinois!

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What’s New?


    As our beloved Reed Station Road undergoes much needed renovation and improvement, it does not affect access to Monte Alegre Winery yet. But even when the road renovation is in full swing, you will be able to access the winery entrance before the road closing sign. So, drive past the...
  • DAZE OF WINE AND ROSE’: a better way to bathe

    In collaboration with Six Pense Farms, we’re excited to announce our new line of wine soaps, which like all our wines, are totally handcrafted in Carbondale, Illinois. Although we’re NOT suggesting you need a bath, if you are a fan of Dawg Daze Rose’ (DDR) or just a Dawg fan,...
  • DIRECT FROM THE VINEYARD: Table grapes ripened on the vine FREE!

    The season for seedless table grapes is here and we’re giving away one pound of grapes for each $25 purchase. These grapes are ripened on the vine and are absolutely delicious. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add some fruity flavors to your life. You can also buy several...
  • Tour Illinois Wineries this Fall with SI-Tours

    for a hazard free tour of the wineries when in Southern Illinois call SI Tours: ph 618-985-6953 info@SI-Tours.net www.SI-Tours.net  ...
  • New Release: VIDAL BLANC

    We’re delighted to announce the release of our                  VIDAL BLANC (vintage 2013) an early release of a new version, which is light and fruity with a surprisingly smooth semi-dry finish, is a true glimpse into the traits characteristic of the 2013 grape...
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