We really enjoyed our visit with you Sunday. Thank you for your hospitality.  Your wines were quite good, and we’ll definitely recommend you to all our friends. (Keith and Peggy)

David – Thank you so much for your extreme generosity and wonderful wine. You are a natural teacher! It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon and conclude our class! Best regards, (Stacie)

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity of enjoying the pleasure of tasting the magic of wine.   (Alvaro)

You make the best Chambourcin and Norton that I have tasted anywhere in the Midwest. Whatever you are doing,, don’t change  (Brian and Rebecca)

I am grateful. Thanks a lot (Blain)

Your Norton 2008 is the best on the both sides of the Mississippi   (Nathan)

You made my day…thank you…(Lew)

Your Sangria Calata is the most pleasant and enjoyable sangria I have had anywhere  (Nancy)

That was the first time I taste many kinds of wine (Jinny)

Dear David, thank you for allowing us to stop by your place first as we guided the four couples from our Carterville Rotary Club through part of the wine trail. You are always a gracious host and provide a wonderful wine tasting experience with your knowledge of grapes and the wine making process. Best of luck to you in the future. Keep smiling. (Mary)

Beth & David, on behalf of the Garden Gate Garden Club I would like to thank you for hosting our August meeting at Monte Alegre. It was a rare inside view of what southern Illinois can produce. (Renee’)

Hi Beth, so sorry I missed you! hope you were having as much fun as us! Had a lovely tasting with Suzanne. (Kim)