Wine list

Wine List, last updated February, 2013

All wines offered for sale are Estate grown at Monte Alegre Vineyard and fermented and aged on location at Ponce Cellars.

Enjoy and taste all the wines in the house for $5.00 per person

A blend of frontenac and labrusca grapes finished in a semi-sweet style. Goes perfect with munchies,Mexican food, gulping by the pool side, a picnic or tailgating with friends. (store refrigerated, serve at 50˚F)

SANGRIA CALATA (Naked Sangria)
A special blend of red, white and table grapes that is fruity and sweet, designed to cool you down during the long summer days. Serve “naked”, chilled , on ice or dress her lighlty with fruits of your choice (best served at 45 to 55 F).

A demisec white variétal finished in a light semi-dry style with aromas of citrus and pear, yet smooth and great for sipping or pairing with fish or fowl. (served chilled at 50 F).

A semi-sweet white varietal that is smooth and fruity. Best paired with summer favorites such as BBQ ribs and chicken.  Excellent for cook outs or with cheese, olives, and nuts. (store refrigerated, serve at 50 F) .

FOND DE CAVE  (Bottom-of-the-cave)
A medium body red table blend of Chambourcin and Norton grapes finished dry in Hungarian oak. Great pairing with red meats, wild game and wild people. Should be served at room temperature (best served at 60 to 65 F).

A premium full body smooth red table varietal finished dry in a blend of French and American oak. Also known as Cynthiana, this grape is original to North America and Carbondale is within its natural habitat. Great pairing with pasta, quesadillas and juicy hamburgers. It is to be enjoyed for its wholesome quality as well as for its American heritage. Serve at room temperature (best served at 60 to 65 F).

CHAMBOURCIN Private Reserve 2004
A local favorite dry red table wine, gently aged in American oak barrels, the soft finish has been handcrafted for the Connoisseur’s palate resulting in a well balanced wine with vanilla and berry nuances. A carnivore’s delight, this wine pairs naturally with grilled juicy red meats and aged cheeses. (serve at 60 to 65 F).

Made for the PORT lover and the discriminating sweet tooth. Finished on the style that our grandparents practiced sipping with long after-dinner talks, this dessert wine has 50% more alcohol than our table reds and is a great companion to chocolate, brownies, and cheese cake. Serve at 65 F.